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Published by Kai's Virgin Vapor on May 2nd, 2019 6:03pm. 145 views.

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BPA is an industrial chemical used to harden plastics that's been in use since the 1960's. The problem is, it's been linked to a host of nasty problems like obesity, diabetes, cancer and hormonal disruption. Read our in depth guide to avoiding BPA when vaping.

Is Scott Gottlieb Trolling Vapers with Jellybeans?

On Friday, April 5th, on his final day as FDA Commissioner, Scott Gottlieb tweeted about jellybeans. The response on Twitter from vapers was swift and hilarious.

Does Vaping Cause Seizures?

The FDA just announced it is investigating a possible link between vaping and seizures. Is it time to panic or is this more fear mongering from FDA's Scott Gottlieb on his way out the door?


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This newsletter contains three articles discussing a BPA in cartridges, the response to FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb's tweet on jellybeans by vapers, and whether vaping causes seizures. The newsletter also includes social media links and the company's mailing address.

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Este boletín informativo contiene tres artículos en los que se habla de un BPA en los cartuchos, de la respuesta de los vapeadores al tuit del comisionado de la FDA, Scott Gottlieb, sobre las gomitas y de si el vapeo causa convulsiones. El boletín también incluye vínculos con redes sociales y la dirección postal de la empresa.