APT cyber-mercenaries doing dirty work for paying clients

Published by Jonny on December 14th, 2020 10:01am. 86 views.

“ 'CostaRicto' has become the fourth cyber-mercenary group to be discovered in 2020. The prevalence of such “hackers-for-hire” groups alludes to their growing popularity, which is easily explained: They offer their cyber-threat capabilities to save companies and governments the time, money, and effort needed to conduct their own operations. The groups also serve as proxies when discretion is required, diverting attribution away from their clients. The flourishing “advanced persistent threat-as-a-service” (APTaaS) offered by CostaRicto and other groups seems to have solidified cyber-mercenaries’ place among the abundant categories of malicious actors. With no discernible pattern in their activity so far, these groups face no imminent threat of identification or retribution."

Source:  Weekly Intelligence Summary newsletter ; digitalshadows.com ; Nov. 23, 2020

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