GORUCK Newsletter: Your Grab and Go Rucksack

Published by GORUCK on January 30th, 2021 7:32am. 43 views.

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Your Grab and Go Rucksack

Use the Bullet for your EDC (Everyday Carry) needs and/or toss a 40 LB Sandbag in to up the ante. For most, this is a second rucksack. For others new to rucking, it’s a great starting point at lighter loads up to 40 LBS.

The Bullet is a grab and go rucksack. One day it’s a pool ruck, the next you’re stuffing it with jackets and snacks for a day hike. It also makes a solid ruck to loan a friend who is new to rucking and thinks their cheapo book bag will be just fine — which it will be, till it won’t.

New Fabric next to your skin: 210D back panel and under shoulder straps — you can wear this with a tank top or even shirtless without friction burns no matter the weight in the Bullet.

If you’re looking for ALL THE WEIGHT, go with a Rucker. If you want streamlined and highly packable, go with the Bullet.
Available in 2 Colors