Peak Performance Newsletter: [New Release Amazon SALE] Organic Greens Chocolate + Gut & Immune Health

Published by Peak Performance on February 11th, 2021 2:07pm. 32 views.

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We are super excited to announce a long awaited new release sale on our brand new Organic Green Superfood Chocolate Flavor!

Our regular Organic Green Superfood powder has been one of the top sellers on Amazon for years with over 3,000 reviews!

That's why we are so excited for you to try this new Chocolate Flavor which has all the same Organic Greens now in this AMAZING new flavor!

This is an Amazon only sale where we have lowered the normal price on Amazon for the first few days PLUS as a subscriber we're giving you an additional 30% off coupon code!

Go here and at checkout use coupon code: PEAK30SALE

But that's not all! In addition to this Chocolate Organic Green Superfood powder, we've also released 3 other new products on Amazon with a new release sale price PLUS you get an additional 30% OFF these products as well!

Use the same coupon code at checkout on Amazon: PEAK30SALE

Organic Oregano Oil (with Organic Olive Oil for added benefits and so that it's not so harsh of a taste). You've heard all the benefits of Oregano Oil for your immune system and we believe we've just released the best one on the market!

Organic Plant Based Trace Mineral Drops. Not enough people talk about the importance of replenishing important minerals and electrolytes that may be causing deficiencies. Simply add these convenient tasteless drops to water and feel the benefits!

Digestive Multi Enzymes for gut health, digestion, bloating, and relief. We made these specifically to help break down food for optimal absorption and gut health. Take before a meal and feel the difference!

And as mentioned before this same coupon code also works for the new Chocolate Organic Green Superfood Powder.

All 4 of these products have a lowered new release price on Amazon plus you get an ADDITIONAL 30% OFF using coupon code PEAK30SALE at checkout.


To your health and happiness,

Talor Zamir

Peak Performance

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