Stephen at MyGreenFills Newsletter: She made me cry... 😢

Published by Stephen at MyGreenFills on March 5th, 2021 12:44pm. 88 views.

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Happy International Women's Day...
Happy Friday Friend!

This weekend we're celebrating International Women's Day (officially March 8th)👧 💃🏿 👳🏼‍♀️

Before I share the celebration details below, I want to tell you about 3 women that inspire me everyday.

My mom taught me how to be kind, caring & serve others, and gave me wings to fly...

For the past 19.734 years (yes I keep count), my bride Amy has supported me to chase my dreams of chasing the world and when I've fallen, helped me dust off and get back in the air...

10.425 years ago God gave us my oldest daughter, (we have 5 children) and  watching how she loves, laughs and steadfastly protects her siblings is the wind I often need to soar.

These are just three women that gave me shoulders to cry on, a sounding board to my rants and a reason to wake up every day and wok my heart out to make the world a better place!


To celebrate Women's Day we have a limited-edition scent for our Dryer Angels™️ and offering up to 2 angels FREE!

100% of proceeds this weekend from Dryer Angels sales will go to freeing and liberating women around the world...

Last year our members helped us save 200+ women of human trafficking and fund a deaf village in Jamaica.

This year we want to free over 1,000 women through our Dryer Angel project!

Here's HOW we do that...

Each Dryer Angel is hand sewn by a ministry in Jamaica that empowers the deaf and another in Asia that free women from human trafficking and give these women sustainable jobs.

Here's WHY we do that...

Most store-bought dryer sheets are toxic and have crazy ingredients like formaldehyde in them.

You want nice, fresh clothes, shoes, closets, family spaces, etc without the disgusting chemicals.

Get this...

Since these are hand-sewn, we only have 1,275 Angels that we can ship in this amazing sale!

Each Angel is match with 2 refills of our exclusive women's day scent for this joyous celebration of women around the world.

Click here to be first in line for this amazing Women's Day Event.

I'll be back tomorrow explaining more on why you need to replace mainstream air fresheners and dryer sheets with Dryer Angels™️

With love & gratitude,

Stephen Ezell
Chief Impact Officer, 345 W South Airport Rd, Traverse City, MI 49686, United States