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Published by Stephen at MyGreenFills on April 3rd, 2021 12:22pm. 50 views.

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Our Biggest Product Launch Ever
Hey Friend!

We've got something special for you for Easter weekend 🐰

After MONTHS of playing catch-up from our non-toxic Dish Soap launch...

➡️ You can get up to 4 for FREE while supplies last!! ⬅️

Here's why this product is soooo important...

Store-bought dish soaps (even the so called "eco-brands") contain any number of harmful chemicals.

These chemicals leave a residue on your dishes, and when you put food & drink on them, are absorbed into your food, and go right into your body 🤢

Here are just a small handful of what's on the shelves out there:


A chemical agent that makes products foam, lather, and bubble. The health concerns over SLS are mounting, particularly over how irritating it is to your skin, eyes, & respiratory system.


A synthetic antibacterial agent that may disrupt thyroid function and can degrade into a form of dioxin, a class of chemicals linked to a broad range of toxicities including cancer.


Anything that is synthetic or artificial should always raise a red flag. These are made up of hundreds to thousands of different ingredients not listed on the label, so you are never sure what you are actually being exposed to.

That's why you need to grab your FREE Dish Soap today!

We've been told that store-bought chemical dish soaps are the only ones that work...

Well, until this product came along, that might have been true.

Get this Friend, This Truly Free Dish Soap WORKS.... and I mean REALLY Works & Smells Amazing!!!

This breakthrough in eco-chemistry is:

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Safe for you & your family

🌏 Safe for the planet

🍽 Guaranteed to work better than any store-bought soap

We made enough for 700 families to get this crazy deal...

We already sold 524 in yesterday's pre-sale!


Will you be one of the 176 lucky people that get 4 FREE Dish Soap today?

With love and gratitude,

Stephen Ezell
Chief Dishwasher