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Published by Alex at Kiss My Keto on June 15th, 2019 9:00pm. 52 views.

If you hurry, you can still get huge savings for Father's Day!
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Your Chance To Get 20% Off Ends Tomorrow... Clock's Ticking!
Hey fellow Keto-er,

It's not too late to get up to 20% off on your gift for Dad...

(Or you can treat yourself - there's plenty of savings to go around)...

But - I do need to remind you that the clock's ticking!

Because the Father's Day sale ends at 11:59 PM tomorrow (PST) - so there's not much time left.

So if you're interested in gifting some delicious chocolate Keto Snacks...

Or some decadent Keto Chocolate...

Or even MCT Oils or Exogenous Ketones that help make Dad's (or your) Keto Journey just a little bit easier...

Then do be quick and use your coupon code below:

Save Up To 20% Off Over Father's Day Weekend

✔️ You’ll get a neat 10% off for orders over $55* - With code: BESTDAD10

✔️ You’ll get a whopping 15% off for orders over $75* - With code: BESTDAD15

✔️ You’ll get a massive 20% off for orders over $100* - With code: BESTDAD20

Gift Dad Or Treat Yourself - Check Out Best-Sellers Here!

Alex Bird
Kiss My Keto Co-Founder 

#P.S. *Coupons do not combine with each other, nor with Subscribe & Save or other offers. One-time-use only.

#P.P.S. Scroll to the bottom to see how you can easily hit these breakpoints with our bundles below

How To Get The Biggest Bang For Your Buck

The Ultimate Keto Starter Pack

Ginger R.

"This product is fantastic, it gives me a lot of energy and tastes amazing. I highly recommend this product to keep your ketones in check"

Just starting Keto (or know someone who is?) - this pack will give them everything the body needs to get into Ketosis fast! 

Combat Keto Flu with convenient Keto Replenish capsules (which contains electrolytes)...

Then get into Ketosis ASAP with the delicious, Lemon-Lime flavored Exogenous Ketones…

And make sure you never go hungry on Keto with the scrumptious, chocolate-layered Keto Snack Bars!

In short, this is the ULTIMATE Keto Starter Pack.

Usual Bundle Value = $119.97

Get a whopping 20%-off with your Father’s Day coupon (BESTDAD20)

You Save $23.99

Get 20% Off The Ultimate Keto Starter Pack

The Bundle For Busy Keto-ers

Kimberly B.

"These are key factors to my keto diet because I’m too busy to cook multiple meals a day. Keeps me in ketosis!"

Too busy to cook? Then whip up a quick Keto breakfast (or midday snack) with the Keto Protein Birthday Cake and Keto Snack bar!

(Takes less than 5 mins to prep)

Plus, it’s infused with MCT Oil - so it’ll keep you mentally focused throughout your day.

In short, it's a delicious combo that keeps you full for hours.


- 5g net carbs,

- 23.5g of healthy fats

- And a whopping 18g of protein!

Usual Bundle Value = $78.98

Get 15%-off with your Father’s Day coupon (BESTDAD15)

You Save $11.85

Get 15% Off The Busy Keto-er's Bundle

Remember, your Father's Day coupons expire at 11:59PM tomorrow!

The Chocoholics Bundle

Paula D.

"These bars are soooo good. I absolutely love that I can enjoy a chocolate bar without cheating. Thank you!!!"

Need to satisfy your sweet tooth? Make sure to do it the Keto-Friendly way!

Take your pick from delicious, chocolate-layered Keto Snack Bars...

Or grab a bite out of a block of Keto Chocolate. It's decadent, rich and guaranteed to curb your sugar cravings!

Remember to add at least one (or more) Keto Snack Bar Pack and one (or more) Keto Chocolate to use your Father's Day coupons!

(The more you add, the more you'll save)

Get 10% - 20% Off The Chocoholics Bundle Here!

Use Code: BESTDAD10 And Get 10% Off Orders Over $55

Use Code: BESTDAD15 And Get 15% Off Orders Over $75

Use Code: BESTDAD20 And Get 20% Off Orders Over $100

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