Survival Frog Newsletter: Don’t Let Water Destroy Your Gear

Published by Survival Frog on June 22nd, 2021 7:09pm. 39 views.

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When it comes to survival uses, preppers rely on their electronic devices.

And keeping them dry is critically important during a disaster.

Because just a few drops of water can ruin valuable electronics.

HydroStop 20L Dry Bag…

keeps your devices Bone Dry even in the most extreme conditions.

Use the HydroStop 20L Dry Bag to protect devices like…

  • Phone
  • Radio
  • GPS
  • Tablet
  • Food
  • Valuables
  • Lighters
  • Any Survival tool with electronics

And be confident that whatever you put in the Dry Bag.

Will come out completely safe and dry.

It’s simply the best way to protect your valuables from water damage.

HydroStop 20L Dry Bag

~ Survival Frog
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