Tellinga Newsletter: Tellinga Story of the Week! 👀😍

Published by Tellinga on July 6th, 2021 10:02am. 30 views.

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Tellinga Story of the Week! 👀😍

Tellinga is a Houston, TX-based start-up that creates personalized stories as one of a kind gifts with customized illustrations through traditional mail. Story recipients receive hand-drawn stories about themselves based on unique preferences. It can be fun, dramatic, thoughtful... anything! Your mailbox isn't dead - it's more alive than ever!

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Six Part Story
This is a gift for one of my good friends named Jerdal Whitaker. He married his wife named Mary Godfrey on 11/9/19. This story will be used as a wedding gift to them and to commemorate their love story (taken from their wedding website - Welcome family and friends to the story of how a Dallas Boy (Jerdal Whitaker) found his soulmate, a girl (Mary Godfrey) from Bryan, TX, in Houston 2016. I feel like a lot of love stories have a sort of a similar cadence in the way that two people involved have known each other for years, have been High School Sweethearts, or nowadays maybe swiped right on the right person! Well, Mary and I’s “story” is a bit different. Let’s rewind back to February 2016. It was a work training (both Jerdal and Mary worked at Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits Alcohol Distributor) and Mary and I met for the first time and maybe said 5 words to each other. So, it can be ruled out that this story begins with love at first sight. Now, let’s fast forward to August 2016. I had just made a big career move to Houston and in my mind was heading to this big city in south Texas for ALL Business. There was no way I was going to come to Houston and find my soulmate, nor was I searching. November 2016, the office was pretty empty and I assumed I was there alone until I received a knock on my office door followed by a question that any of you close to us know by now, “Hi, do you mind if I laminate in your office with you?” Sure, I replied as I looked at this girl with confusion…. Why did she want to laminate in my office? Again, let me emphasize the fact that at this moment I began to think twice about this ALL Business move I had made. But, after that day, something in me began to magnetize towards the laminating girl from Bryan who had just hijacked the corner of my filing cabinet for hours. From that moment, Mary and I began to build our relationship together. We took the official leap Valentine’s Day 2017 and never looked back. What sets our love story aside from others is that it’s ours’. Since the beginning, we know this has all been orchestrated by God. He chose the right times and places for us to be in our lives to bring us together. We leaned into challenging opportunities that would take us on different paths supporting each other the whole time, and in return, God moved us both to Dallas, TX within a week of each other. It’s hard to explain the feeling you get when you know you have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. An even more powerful and unexplainable feeling is when you and that person have the opportunity to become one. Our love story is about two people, from two completely different places, that found their true selves in one another. A “story” that started with 5 words (Hi, my name is Mary) and is ending with 2 (I DO), will lead to our greatest adventure beginning November 9th, 2019 as husband and wife! They have done many fun things together leading up to their wedding like (use as fillers if you are looking to fill/continue the story): -going to an Astros game together (see picture) -Visit Lake Tahoe (see picture) -STL Blues game with Mary's siblings (see picture).
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