Eyeconic Newsletter: Ready for back to school? ✏️

Published by Eyeconic on July 18th, 2021 11:08am. 34 views.

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Ready for back to school? ✏️

Shop kids’ styles from $69.
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Featured style: Converse CV5019Y

Shop glasses for kids from top brands like Converse, Nike, Flexon and Marchon NYC. Save up to $220 using your insurance, plus 20% off any additional pairs.

Students and teachers save 10% with code EDU10.

Featured style: MC4501

Specs for College Scholars


Or students of any age. Shop styles for teens and adults from Converse, Nike, and McAllister starting at $149.

TechShield Blue perfect for screen time.

Tired Eyes Got You Down?


Combat digital eye strain with a blue light-reducing lens coating like TechShield® Blue. Simply add during checkout to reduce your blue light exposure.

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