LCPShop Newsletter: Enjoy Protected Bare Feet At The Beach, Pool and More

Published by LCPShop on July 19th, 2021 10:37am. 41 views.

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Enjoy Protected Bare Feet At The Beach, Pool and More

With the Sole Protector, you can enjoy the comfort, protection and safety of shoes, just without the shoes. Enjoy the freedom of bare feet with the convenient and lightweight protection. Use them on the beach, alongside the pool, or playing in the park. Save yourself the hassle of cuts, thorn, splinters while enjoying the hygienic protection in the spa and showers at the gym. Waterproof, anti-slip, and durable. Ultimate protection for your feet, while still enjoying the comfort and relaxation of going barefoot.

  • Unisex Sole Protector
  • Durable Cotton/Spandex
  • Comfortable non-slip sole sticker
  • Great for communal showers, the pool, beach and more
  • Protective and hygienic
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