FlexiSpot Team Newsletter: Flexispot: Introduce innovative and ergonomic solutions.

Published by FlexiSpot Team on July 20th, 2021 11:44am. 31 views.

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Flexispot: Introduce innovative and ergonomic solutions.

About us
Redefining Health, Love & Care

Invest in Your Health & Career today for a Healthier & Happier Tomorrow

Our Mission:Make healthy life easier

Our Product:Ergonomic products for your home and office

To introduce creative solution geared towards creating better working environments that promote efficiency, productivity, and wellbeing.
The goal is to help our clients achieve new heights of wellness and strike the perfect work-life balance through innovative and ergonomic solutions.
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Our Team: FlexiSpot never compromises on quality


We have over 600 innovative R&D engineers who imagine, design, and implement ergonomic workplace furniture solutions. Thanks to our R&D engineers, we have an impressive count of 1000 patents on record!

340k sq.ft Warehouses around the Globe

We have numerous warehouses around the globe, including 13 in the US, guaranteeing a quick and convenient delivery experience for our customers.


Outstanding Customer Service

At FlexiSpot, you’re guaranteed exceptional customer service regardless of your geographical location. Our customer service team is available 24/7 to attend to your needs all across the globe.
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