From the Desk of Carl Pradelli,
Co-Founder of NatureCity

Dear ,

I hope you had a nice summer weekend – we celebrated Beth’s birthday (39 again!), and she loved that both sons were able to be in town and join us.

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, sales of TrueHNS have really taken off this year, and we’ve been running a special offer on TrueHNS where you can save an extra 15%.

We’re happy many first time users are trying out TrueHNS - but this offer is ending in a few days, so if you haven’t ordered, please act today!

One of the keys to TrueHNS is a unique keratin protein called Cynatine HNS. In case you don’t know, keratin plays an important structural role in hair, nails and skin.
The keratin found in many supplements can’t be broken down and used by your body. The soluble Cynatine HNS changed this, and scientific studies show it can help your appearance in numerous ways.
For example, Cynatine HNS may help increase hair shine and brightness, reduce hair breakage, and improve nail strength (reduce tendency to break) and luster.
Cynatine HNS can also help aging skin by helping to improve moisture, elasticity and radiance while decreasing the appearance of wrinkles.
TrueHNS also contains plant sourced organic biotin and silicon (as silica from bamboo) to support the keratin structure of healthy hair, nails and skin.
This link will automatically apply your savings, or use code HNS2107 when ordering with us on the phone. 

If you’re a Club Member, the extra 15% savings is on top of your normal Club discounts.

This offer will expire on Sunday, so this is your last call!

Yours for good health,