Toolstoday Newsletter: , cut difficult materials on the CNC machine using this drag knife!

Published by Toolstoday on July 21st, 2021 6:02pm. 36 views.

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Cutting difficult materials on your CNC? 

If you’ve ever tried to cut materials like vinyl, leather, wood veneer, coroplast and kevlar on the CNC machine, you know they aren’t easy to do.  The Donek drag knife makes cutting these materials, and many more, very easy to do!  The blade is a standard utility knife blade making it cheap and easy to replace blades once they get dull.  Check out the website for more information on the Donek drag knife and add one to your tool arsenal today!

This saw is sure to be a game changer in a home shop or even on the job site!
Doneg Drag Knife
What our customers think


Same great quality of the product and the service was outstanding.

Craig W.


The ball nose bit leaves a nice smooth finish, but takes a little longer to cut due to the hold over of the small bit.

Jaden T.


Very inexpensive, relatively speaking, and excellent industrial quality.

James A.

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