Tellinga Newsletter: Tellinga Story of the Week! 👀😍

Published by Tellinga on August 3rd, 2021 10:04am. 19 views.

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Tellinga Story of the Week! 👀😍

Tellinga is a Houston, TX-based start-up that creates personalized stories as one of a kind gifts with customized illustrations through traditional mail. Story recipients receive hand-drawn stories about themselves based on unique preferences. It can be fun, dramatic, thoughtful... anything! Your mailbox isn't dead - it's more alive than ever!

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Three Part Story
Joseph is a chef who's preparing produce and pastries for the farmer's market just like any other day. Suddenly the food comes to life in a desperate attempt to disrupt his work and attacks him. Joe turns into an anime-style protagonist and defends himself against the food. In the end, he ends up with a perfect food display to take to market. NOTES: It'd be cool for his mo-hawk to go super Saiyan and his chef's knife or whatever tool changes into an over-sized style anime weapon.
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
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