Waterdrop Newsletter: 😧Always feed my dog tap water and never expect this...

Published by Waterdrop on August 13th, 2021 11:00am. 17 views.

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😧Always feed my dog tap water and never expect this...

Do you feed your fur friends tap water?Drinking contaminated tap water can cause serious infection, such as canine distemper and leptospirosis. Pet drinking safety must be taken seriously. Now try a fresh and safe approach to drinking water!

Avoid Water-related Disease

  • 5-stage deep purification reduces 99.9% of bacteria and prevent bacteria infection

  • Get a cup of water in 8s and deliver pure water instantly

  • 1:1 super low drain ratio saves water

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Reduce Minerals To Prevent Kidney Stones

  • Multistage system reduces substances that may harm pet

  • Pure water quenches thirst quickly

  • Free stainless-steel faucet

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Deliver Fresh Water and Quench Thirst Quickly

  • Meet outdoor water need anytime

  • Ultra-large 200 gallons capacity and never worry about water running out

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Cost-effective Choice

  • Replenish Water For You And Pet Timely

  • Save money and effort with ultra-long lifespan

  • Install in the car to deliver water for you and pet outdoors

  • Come with a free stainless-steel faucet

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