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Published by Culinary Teas on August 22nd, 2021 8:59am. 26 views.

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Iced Tea for Kids

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Fellow Gourmet Tea Lovers,

Now that most of the kids are back at school, they may be looking for a new drink to satisfy them as the summer heat continues!  Our flavorful whole fruit herbals like Elderberry Energy, Strawberry Kiwi, and Bingo Blueberry make great iced teas, with no caffeine, perfect for children and really anyone who want a delicious drink with no caffeine!

Summer is still here and just as hot!, and if you have children, you probably know that it can be challenging to keep them hydrated and happy, especially when they're playing outside or when they come home from school.


As it turns out, iced tea can be a great summer refreshment for adults and kids alike! It's packed with antioxidants and is sugar-free, making it a great alternative to juice or soda. Try it out for yourself -- kids will love the colorful and fruity flavors!

Better yet, cold brews are simple enough for many children to make on their own! All you need is ice, an infuser, cold water, and one of our delicious cold-brew flavors. Our favorites are Elderberry Energy which tastes great iced alone and with lemonade!

So, what are you waiting for? Introduce your children to the wonderful world of iced tea! The possibilities are endless: Iced Tea stands, pool parties.... you name it!

Happy summer, everyone!
~Culinary Teas
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All the Best,
The Team at Culinary Teas

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