Stephen at MyGreenFills Newsletter: We Just Extended Your Labor Day Ticket Friend 🎟️

Published by Stephen at MyGreenFills on September 10th, 2021 10:29am. 19 views.

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Hey Friend, guess what?

Just in case you missed out on our 150 FREE Loads of Laundry Wash for Labor Day...

We're giving you a FREE 3-pack of OxyBoost today!

OxyBoost will FREE you from something really dangerous...Toxic chlorine bleach!

You need to quit using bleach & toxic alternatives forever Friend.

Here's why...

❌ Bleach reacts with other common cleaners and can create poisonous chlorine gas

❌ Over 10,000 bleach inhalation accidents each year in the US alone.

❌ Bleach slowly disintegrates fabrics and shortens their lifetime.

And just look at the icon that's found on most bleach containers:

And yes, that symbol means exactly what you think.

"Caution, danger of severe chemical burn

If something is powerful enough to DISSOLVE your skin, you should keep it the heck away from your family.

"...So... what the heck should I use then Stephen??"

The answer? Something JUST as powerful as bleach, but 100% non-toxic & gentle on colors & fabrics...

Technical Grade Sodium Percarbonate! βœ”οΈ

Technical Grade Sodium Percarbonate is non-toxic, and it is far more gentle on fabrics.

That's why it's the #1 ingredient in OxyBoostℒ️.

Instead of dyes, activators, or chemicals that trick your eyes into thinking you have clean clothes...

Our revolutionary Oxyboost uses natural oxygen to give you sparkling clean whites! ✨

Once it gives off all of its oxygen, it essentially turns to table salt going down your drain.

This makes OxyBoostℒ️ better for you AND the environment!

And remember Friend...this is a $72.00 value...for $0.00!

Click here to grab your FREE 3-Pack of OxyBoostℒ️!

Stephen Ezell
Chief Stain Remover, 345 W South Airport Rd, Traverse City, MI 49686, United States