From the Desk of Carl Pradelli,

Co-Founder of NatureCity

Dear Beth,
 I received a question recently from a NatureCity client that I thought might be on your mind as well… “What is Ayurvedic medicine, and why do see it so often when looking at supplements?”
 Ayurvedic Medicine is based off of ancient writings from India that record some of the oldest medical systems that we know of today. These ancient texts describe people using herbs and other plants to combat certain health challenges.
 Let’s think about that for a second, thousands of years ago people were already noticing that they could ingest certain foods to try and get desired benefits. Sounds a lot like why you take supplements right?
 Except now we have the modern day scientific studies that are showing many of  these ancient texts were on the right trail! They just didn’t know why these herbs and botanicals helped.
 As you may know, we’ve been reviewing the research on these ancient herbs and spices for years now, and we’ve developed products that combine the knowledge from these ancient texts with the scientific understand of today. All to bring you the best quality supplements you can find.
 For example, in TrueCurcumin we bring you the best of turmeric – curcumin and turmeric essential oils. Two other joint health products, TrueRhuleave and TrueJoint FLX also depend in Ayuvedic findings for added potency.
 In TrueCapros, you get the many cardiovascular benefits of alma (you can also find Capros amla in TrueNOx).
 Better yet, in TrueC we include the natural vitamin C from organic amla along with supporting co-nutrients (like you get when you eat food with vitamin C).
 Another example is Ashwagandha that you can find in our TrueOsteo, TrueRecall, and TrueZs. This herb was believed to help with mood and stress for centuries, but only in the last decade did science truly validate these beliefs.
 Today, we’re offering 15% off any of these Ayurvedic based products as a special offer (discount applied at checkout).
 Try one out and experience the benefits of combining modern day science and ancient medical systems!
 Yours for Good Health,
 Carl Pradelli