TURBOANT Newsletter: Only 2 Days Left to Save $200! 🏃🏃

Published by TURBOANT on October 16th, 2021 6:59am. 21 views.

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Only 2 Days Left to Save $200! 🏃🏃

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Columbus Day Sale ends in 2 days!
The clocking is ticking!

You've only got 2 days left to save up to $200 on your e-bikes and e-scooters! But it's still not too late! Hurry Up!

$200 OFF Thunder T1/Nebula N1/Swift S1 Fat Tire All-Terrain E-Bike
$100 OFF Ranger R1 City Commuting E-Bike
$50 OFF X7 Pro Folding E-Scooter
$30 OFF M10 Lightweight Folding E-Scooter

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