Miles Kimball Newsletter: Top-Rated Tabletop Faves!

Published by Miles Kimball on October 20th, 2021 5:08am. 33 views.

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Miles Kimball
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Set your holiday table with these best-in-class table covers.
Pressed Leaves Oilcloth Tablecloth
★★★★★ Carol K.
"This is one of the best covers for my table! It wipes up very nicely and I would recommend it to everyone."
Illusion Weave Vinyl Elasticized Tablecovers...Shop Here
Illusion Weave Vinyl Elasticized Tablecovers
★★★★★ Larry T.
"Fit perfect and cheap enough to change colors with the seasons."
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Elegant Floral Vinyl Lace Table Cover...Shop Here
Elegant Floral Vinyl Lace Table Cover
★★★★★ Vern
"This table cloth gives the impression of having an expensive lace table cloth on the table. Clean up is fast and easy."
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Holly Holiday Vinyl Elasticized Tablecover...Shop Here
Holly Holiday Vinyl Elasticized Tablecover
★★★★★ Rosemarie R.
"I love this tablecloth. The colors are so vibrant and the design is lovely. The fit is perfect "
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Wood Grain Vinyl Elasticized Banquet Table Cover...Shop Here
Wood Grain Vinyl Elasticized Banquet Table Cover
★★★★★ Patricia H.
"Love it! I also buy the round one for my kitchen table to match. I love them"
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Bordeaux Floral Vinyl Tablecover...Shop Here
Bordeaux Floral Vinyl Tablecover
★★★★★ Dessie D.
"The table cloth was very nice and added the exact decorum I needed in my kitchen. I've gotten great compliments on it."
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Falling Leaves Blessings Tablecover...Shop Here
Falling Leaves Blessings Tablecover
★★★★★ Linda M.
"This is a beautiful table cloth and perfect for Fall and Thanksgiving."
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