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Published by Receptra Naturals on July 18th, 2019 6:00am. 75 views.

Bringing calm to your travel storm
4 ways CBD creates summer vacation travel bliss
Summer vacation travel is unlike anything else. There is a certain sense of freedom and adventure that is unparalleled throughout the rest of the year. CBD can help make traveling to your next adventure even more epic!
Here's how:

  1. Eases Discomfort:
The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can help keep you comfortable (even in tiny airplanes and cars).

  1. Boosts Good Vibes:
When you’ve been traveling for hours and your companion won’t stop humming or singing out of tune, CBD can help keep you from losing
your mind.

  1. Promotes Restfulness:
It is not easy to sleep through time zone changes and odd-hour adventures. CBD can help keep you balanced and well-rested.

The first thing you should know about taking CBD oil on an airplane is that it is generally OK! The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) does not really care about your prized bottle of Receptra as long as it isn't going to explode. Their primary duty is to ensure the safety of the passengers and crew members on the airplane. That being said, it is important to adhere to TSA guidelines
whenever traveling.

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