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Published by SilverRush Style Jewelry on November 5th, 2021 9:11am. 11 views.

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All Jewelry 75% OFF - One Week Only

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All Jewelry 75% OFF - One Week Only

Hi Publius
We just launched our new unbelievable SALE! Celebrate this great event with us!
This special sale is offered to our best, specially-selected customers only - if you received this email you are one of them! Please enjoy our great promotions - we are sure you find here something fantastic for you or for someone special here.

One Week Only! All Jewelry 75% OFF +
All Rings 80% OFF

Over 8 527 Unique Jewelry Designs on SALE!

ONE WEEK ONLY - thru November 12th

discount is valid with regular priced items only

Do not miss out on these great deals we have now! Please visit:

Spectacular Authentic African  Kyanite  .925 Sterling Silver handmade Ring s. 9 KYANITE RING

$135.59 $677.94

Ethiopian Opal  .925   Sterling Silver handmade Statement ring s. 7 3/4 ETHIOPIAN OPAL RING

$91.00 $455.07

Huge Spectacular  Aquamarine   quartz .925  Sterling Silver handmade ring s.  8 1/4 AQUAMARINE RING

$171.86 $859.31

45.2 carat Emerald Cut Paraiba Tourmaline  .925 Sterling Silver  handcrafted Statement Ring size 7 3/4 PARAIBA TOURMALINE RING

$128.89 $644.46

Huge Gift of Nature African Kyanite Ruby .928 Sterling Silver Bracelet/Cuff KYANITE BRACELET

$148.33 $644.92

Passion Tigers Eye  streach Bracelet TIGER'S EYE BRACELET

$73.34 $318.86

Spectacular Authentic Multigem 18K Gold over .925 Sterling Silver handcrafted HUGE Bracelet DICHROIC GLASS BRACELET

$277.90 $1,208.28

9.5ctw  Watermelon Tourmaline  .925 Sterling Silver  handcrafted  Ring size 8 WATERMELON TOURMALINE RING

$98.57 $492.84

Genuine Ruby Emerald Sapphire   .925 Sterling Silver  handcrafted Statement Ring size 8 1/2 EMERALD RING

$75.04 $375.19

Huge Precious Red Topaz .925 Sterling Silver Statement HUGE Ring s. 7 TOPAZ RING

$78.38 $391.88

New Galaxy Incredible Black  Opal  .925 Sterling Silver handcrafted ring size 8 1/2 BLACK OPAL RING

$160.89 $804.47

131.2 grams Tsarists heirloom Pearl & Citrine 14K Gold over .925 Sterling Silver handmade Necklace PEARL NECKLACE

$289.61 $1,259.16

only at

All Jewelry 75% OFF »
Over 8 527 Unique Jewelry Designs on SALE!

If you have questions or need customer assistance, please call our jewelry experts at 813-991-5907
or just send us an e-mail:

About SilverRush Style

We are a family business and we are in the business of manufacturing and trading of artisan sterling silver jewelry for many years.

Our unique and one of a kind jewelry is handmade by the finest artist jewelers from around the world, which makes it exclusive and extremely unique.

We are a company, which above all else, does everything possible to ensure that our products are exceptional and unusual. That's why almost every piece of jewelry in our store is created in only one copy with the thought of one, extraordinary person, which will become its owner one day. We want everyone who is our customer, to feel unique and aware they had acquired not only an object, but also a piece of our company. Our jewelry is created with passion and has its discreet charm, which you will not find in any other jewelry. We are absolutely convinced of that. Shopping with us, you can be certain, that you became an owner of a piece of jewelry that no one else in the world will ever have.

Just like every woman is unique, the jewelry which she wears should be unique as well. Our philosophy is making sure that everyone who shops with us will feel exactly this way.

When you shop for jewelry in with Silverrush Style Inc, you not only have the certainty that you become the owner of a one of a one of a kind treasure in the world, but also we try to make the shopping experience with us a unique pleasure for our customers as well.

We would like to everyone who will be our customer, to be conscious of the fact that they already joined our family, because Silverrush Style is a company that is different from others. As our jewelry is very exceptional, so are our customers.

Our huge family already has tens of thousands of members and still growing.

We wish you to be accompanied by our jewelry every day, not only during special moments for you, but every day, even the most usual of days.

Why to buy jewelry at SilverRush Style

Free and fast shipping
We need only couple of minutes to pack and ship your order. Parcels are being picked up from our warehouse every 6 hours and delivered to our customers. More than 80% of our parcels are delivered in 1 day. You will be surprised how fast you will get your order.

All jewelry in stock
Every single item what we have in our store is in our stock, that's why you can have it in your possession quickly.

Thousands of unique designs
You won't find our collection anywhere. Every item is unique and made only in one copy. If you find something that looks the same in our store, it is only an illusion. Each item is truly unique and one of a kind.

30 days returns
If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, please return the jewelry within 30 days and we will exchange or refund the purchase price. Your satisfaction is our goal!

Free gifts
We are more than glad to send you a free gift with every purchase over $200. The free gift is especially for you!

Artisian crafted jewelry
Our jewelry is more than average jewelry. We simply create pieces of art. Every item is designed and handmade for our company only. We cooperate with famous jewelry designers from Europe, America and Asia and our jewelry is made according to latest artistic world trends.

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