Adam - Premier TEFL Newsletter: Your ticket to Thailand is here ✈

Published by Adam - Premier TEFL on July 19th, 2019 10:59am. 57 views.

Your ticket to Thailand is here ✈

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Thailand is an ESL teacher’s dream. A land of golden buddhas, beautiful beaches, fiery cuisine and equally passionate locals, there is plenty to be discovered across Thailand. Join Premier TEFL in the Land of Smiles, where you will spend THE BEST 4 months of your life.

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🎥 Check out the orientation fun from May

Beyond delightful icebreakers, orientation gives you the chance to get the real inside scoop on living and teaching in Thailand from our local experts! Not only will we pig out at a welcome dinner, we’ll review lesson planning techniques, dive deep into the do’s and dont's of the Thai culture (hint: never point with your index finger), and discuss transport and logistics.

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We really know Thailand, and so do our teachers - read their stories!

Got commitments? Want to shape your own schedule? Not ready to leave just yet? Begin your TEFL story by teaching the expanding minds of young Thai children online.

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Join the Premier TEFL crew in next semester’s paid TEFL internship


Thailand is a dream destination for all types of travelers. But, their collective desire to learn English makes it especially great for TEFL teachers. Teaching abroad in Thailand is super-sized, and the highs come by the dozen. Dive in!

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Freebie: Thailand Guide

Our experience means we know the ins and outs of living and working abroad. The Guide to Teaching English in Thailand gives you a real understanding of how exciting your new life will be in one of the most popular TEFL teacher destinations in the world.

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