MotionGrey Newsletter: [WARNING] You will be removed from our mailing list

Published by MotionGrey on November 16th, 2021 7:19am. 19 views.

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Hey there,
We’ve been trying to contact you and haven’t heard back.
Do you still want to get our promotional emails and exclusive newsletter discounts?
If not you can click this link to , and you will automatically stop receiving all emails except those related to an order or shipping.
We will be sad to see you go, but we understand so no hard feelings.
You can also ignore this email and you will be automatically d in 72 hours.
If you want to continue to receive emails from MotionGrey just click this link to stay in the loop.
Once you do, you can visit our MotionGrey site and catch up on all the awesome things you might have missed lately. 
As a bonus, we kept your gift code active for just a little bit longer. 
Use the code GIFT20 at checkout and you’ll save $20 instantly on any product you choose.
Or click this link to activate your Gift Code automatically.
(Hint: This ^ is my favorite!) ;-)
Doing this helps us keep old email addresses off our list in case you may have started using another email.
You can also come back if you ever change your mind.
Thanks for sticking with us,
- Andy at MotionGrey