Eusoh Newsletter: Eusoh's Favorite Things for 2021 | Special Discounts

Published by Eusoh on November 26th, 2021 7:14am. 11 views.

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Eusoh's Favorite Things for 2021 | Special Discounts

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Eusoh's Favorite Things

Holiday Edition

Can you believe it's already the Holidays? It's that time of the year when we spoil our loved ones especially the furry ones. Here's our list of favorite things that will make your pet happy and most of all, healthy.
Petlibro is all about creating the best pet tech & lifestyle products for pet owners and their bestie furriends. Pawrents can use the best-selling Petlibro automatic pet feeder Granary to feed their beloved cats & dogs on time, with the same healthy portion, whenever & wherever. Likewise, Petlibro water fountain Capsule helps pets to stay hydrated whenever & wherever, with filtered, clean water running continuously. At Petlibro, we care about our pets, and we constantly innovate our products to have features that take care of our pets in the best way possible.
"Devoted Love, Hassle-Free"- that's the Petlibro motto.
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Virtual Veterinarians from FirstVet

Eusoh is the most comprehensive pet health plan out there today. But we also understand that in our current environment, it may be difficult to schedule an appointment at the vet office or clinic. This is why we added FirstVet, where pet parents can receive professional veterinary advice, treatment recommendations, or a referral to a local clinic.

FirstVet is an online video vet service complimentary for Eusoh community members. It's can be accessed on mobile devices and it's available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Some conditions and ailments can be diagnosed at home. FirstVet's team of licensed and accredited veterinarians will be there for your clients' pets. This is just another reason why Eusoh is the most complete and helpful pet health plan.

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N-Gage brings top-of-the-line and uniquely designed pet supplies to the market, catering to the ultimate pet enthusiasts.

Fun and interactive playtime with pets won’t be complete without strong, high-quality toys and accessories. Responding to pet owner demands, N-Gage introduces its innovative, durable products that can withstand the most wear and tear your pet can give them.

They have a wide variety of products from:
Balls & Flyers
Tug & Toss Toys
Collars & Leashes

and more!

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