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Published by Lotus Candles on February 22nd, 2019 10:16am.

Another knock off, another hard lesson learned... 

Remember folks: Lotus Candles brand are ONLY on our website at https://LotusCandles.com

Avoid the knock offs being sold elsewhere - and avoid disappointment on the big day! Lotus Candles are guaranteed top quality, and ship fast and free from our website, anywhere in the USA and worldwide. 

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From: Lotus Candles <service@lotuscandles.com>
Date: Fri, Feb 22, 2019 at 10:12 AM
Subject: Re: candle
To: Diane [full name and contact info hidden]


We only sell our candlespnline at our website at https://LotusCandles.com. We do NOT sell them in any grocery stores.

We strongly advise against purchasing the knock offs of our brand which are being sold in some grocery stores. Those are NOT Lotus Candles brand candles. As you found out the hard way, those are often of much lower quality than our candles and often malfunction. 

We invite you to read more on our website about the high quality standards of our candles and make sure you only purchase Lotus Candles brand directly from us next time.

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On Fri, Feb 22, 2019 at 10:06 AM Diane [full name and contact info hidden] wrote:

Good morning. I purchased one of your candles from our grocery store. After spending $6 I was very disappointed when we lit the candle and it failed to spin or play happy birthday.