Eusoh Newsletter: 2022 Pet Health Checklist from Eusoh - Start the Year Healthy

Published by Eusoh on January 13th, 2022 8:29am. 9 views.

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2022 Pet Health Checklist from Eusoh - Start the Year Healthy

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Your 2022 Pet Health Checklist
Start the Year Right
As we’re keeping our resolutions and making plans for 2022, here’s a checklist to make sure your pet starts the year happy and healthy.
1. Wellness Check
Is your furry friend healthy? Good, let’s keep that up. Did your furry friend have any changes in diet or exercise? OK, let’s get that checked out. A wellness check, either performed once or twice a year, can maintain your pet’s health. Checkups are also great to identify future conditions or ailments that will need attention in the future.
  • Does Eusoh reimburse for wellness checks? Yes
  • Does Eusoh offer free virtual wellness checks that can be done on mobile devices? Yes
Eusoh community members have complimentary 24/7 access to FirstVet. And with veterinary consultations and other services going virtual, FirstVet's 30-minute Health Pet Checkup with licensed veterinarians will provide peace of mind and the knowledge and foresight on the health of our pets.

Log in to your Eusoh dashboard and click on the FirstVet option to get started. Click here to learn more about FirstVet's 30-minute Pet Checkup.
2. ID Tagging

ID tagging is important for the worst case scenarios. But now with apps and QR codes, ID tagging is taking the next step. Did you know there are apps that connect with your pet’s ID tag? And did you know these apps can also be a library of your pet’s health records?

Here’s Animal-ID, a one-stop solution for pet owners to identify and register their pets within a global pet database.

Here’s what Animal-ID can do:

  • Returns lost pets to their homes
  • Organizes travel
  • Stores pet documents
  • Maintains health records
  • Schedules visits to the visit
  • Makes pet food orders

Obviously, it’s more than just an ID. Keep your pet’s health information organized and readily available with Animal-ID.

Use Promo Code: eusoh30 and get 30% off your order.


3. Assist Your Local Shelter
We know you love your pet and that you give them the best care. We know that our community shares in that care. But did you know there are so many pets without homes? These pets full of love looking for “fur-ever homes”.

Here’s what you can do to help
  • Volunteer at your local animal shelter. There are pets that need walking, exercise, and attention.
  • Foster a rescue or two. Check with your local rescue to see if you can house a pup or kitty before a home is ready for them.
  • Donate. Shelters and always in need of financial support or even supplies. Some even have Amazon wishlists where you can help by purchasing supplies for them.
Here’s an Amazon wishlist from our friends at Wags & Walks - Link
Donate to Wags & Walks - Link
4. There's More
Here’s a shortlist of more health-related things you can do for your pet.
  • Consult with a trainer for boarding or obediance.
  • Create a workout program. See your vet before doing this.
  • Make travel plans that visit pet-friendly destinations, 
  • Add supplements to your pet’s diet. Check with your vet first.
  • Go to a pet expo or convention and find new pet products.
  • Join an online pet enthusiast group on Facebook or Reddit
Now that you have our checklist,
let’s start 2022 on the right foot or paw.
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