CTO vs VP Engineering - who should they be in a startup?

Published by Alex Bugeja on August 8th, 2019 12:54pm. 782 views.

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My comment on an HN article discussing this topic is here:

"...The full-stack hacker building the MVP is the lead technical guy in the first stage of the company when formal titles have yet to be defined.

That person should probably become CTO in the next stage, unless he/she is just plain lacking/disinterested on the vision front and wants to remain involved in the minute details of the product (which is not uncommon in my experience).

When they become CTO, a VP Eng should be hired to take the MVP to the next level in terms of process, security, and scalability.

Assuming they remain an individual contributor (the "not uncommon" scenario I refer to above)... well that means the organization might have two vacancies going forward to fill instead of one.