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Published by Chess House on August 17th, 2019 3:19pm. 276 views.

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Epic - Fast service, beautiful pieces, great board. So excited to take this set to college with me! - Martin. Save $10 on your next order of $50+
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Chess House
Fast service, beautiful pieces, great board. So excited to take this set to college with me!

Timeless Flex Chess Set

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The Timeless pieces are perfect with the innovative, smooth and thin flex pad chess board. Polished, detailed, and weighted, it's an eye-pleasing chess set you can take with you. Complete with storage bags. Many color options. Fast, Safe, Worldwide Shipping.

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A few days ago, Gregg says

Quads tools/awards
... So nice to order a bunch of stuff for the tourney next week & have early. Another bakin' order from ChessHouse! THANKS

Hi friends,

It's Raphael with a few updates from Chess House!

Check out the Back to School SALE for Family and Parents or Teachers and School Admins. 

These kids are playing a Bishop and Pawn chess Activity from the Chess4Life curriculum!

To serve local schools and families, Chess House recently started a Chess Club at the Lynden Library. The first meet welcomed 33 kids to learn and play! Week four continues next Tuesday!

Over the years we've learned many things about running chess clubs, but doing it ourselves is the best way for us at Chess House to have first-hand experience, put products to the test, and answer questions.

We're available to answer your questions right here whether you're a Parent preparing your child or Teacher equipping a chess class.

Here, Elliott Neff of Chess4Life is bringing a fun and engaging experience to the kickoff night!

Lynden Chess Club sponsored by Chess House
Chess24 and banter blitz

Charles says, "One of the features I like most about chess24 premium membership is Banter Blitz which enables you to get live analysis and commentary while you play titled players, such as GM Magnus Carlsen, GM Peter Svidler, and GM Jan Gustafsson,"

Right now Chess24 is also offering premium membership at a discount for a limited time. You can still use the voucher codes 2FOR1 (2 months for the price of 1) or SINQUEFIELD2019 (20% off) when you GoPremium

Sinquefield Cup Starts today August 17


World Champion Magnus Carlsen will be dreaming of setting new chess records when he starts the 11-round Sinquefield Cup against Anish Giri on Saturday. He goes into the event, featuring all of the world’s top 9 players, on a rating of 2882, matching the peak he set back in 2014. Can he improve on that, can he cross 2900, or can he “at least” beat his peak live rating of 2889.2?

DGT Centaur

Update on the Centaur chess computer!

We've made three deliveries and the fourth is happening early next week. DGT is still working to overcome the demand and provide enough Centaurs to move beyond filling Pre-orders.

We still have some pending orders after next Monday's shipment is mailed to customers.

Two most recent reviews

Enjoyable chess partner
Have played several games on both challenge and expert mode. Won my first game on both modes but have not beat it since. Centaur seems to play in adaptive mode even on expert level. I retired tournament play many years ago with USCF rating of 1979 but had gone over 2000 at one point. Since then I have been studying and playing Komodo at highest level so I suspect I am somewhere in the 2000 rating level. Was surprised I was able to beat centaur in both challenge and expert mode in first game in each category. After that it seemed to adapt to my level of play and have not had a win in those levels since although I can give it a really good game in either mode. I really enjoy playing on this chess computer as it does seem like a more human experience since it adapts to more or less your level but just a little bit better. One complaint I have is that I also get that strange blinking on squares in the middle of game and I have to start over again. Seems like some sort of bug in the system. Has happened in 3 out of about 20 games. But overall an enjoyable and fun chess computer. Worth the price.

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August 6, 2019, Michele says

I am delighted with the service. My first order of chess men was missing one piece, and within just a couple of days (and without cost) the missing piece arrived. The service representative was charming on the phone and I'm delighted with both the service and my chess set.

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