Bitsbox Newsletter: 3 Exceptional Asteroids

Published by Bitsbox on June 30th, 2022 11:01am. 2 views.

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3 Exceptional Asteroids


Today is International Asteroid Day!

Did you know that some asteroids in orbit today were discovered before the 1900s? There are many in our solar system and most are located in the asteroid belt. We've identified three noteworthy asteroids in a new Bitsbox app that you and your kiddos can play today. It's a fun way to learn about and celebrate science, technology, and space all together!

Here's a level-up challenge for space-loving young coders — Can you find another exceptional asteroid and add it to the app with your favorite fact?

Exceptional Asteroids App

Inspired by NASA Science Space Place, we created an app that helps kiddos learn more about asteroids.

Play it for free »

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