Claire @ Twinklens Newsletter: 🌄 Grab Sunset Styles for As Low As $4.95 Like WOW!

Published by Claire @ Twinklens on July 20th, 2022 11:00am. 3 views.

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🛍 Shop sunset colored contacts alongside all WOW! $9.90 styles for as low as $4.95 with BOGO offer.

Hey there!,

It's Claire. As you know Twinklens maintains a robust catalog of 500 styles across all sorts of contact lenses. We remain committed to delivering both new and classic designs at affordable price. In 2022, we've introduced 8 new series in a treadmill manner to date; now we plan to sunset old ones in the same way while offering tremendous value to our beloved customers.

So we're thrilled to introduce the Sunset Program which re-price ALL eligible styles at $9.90 / pair, regardless of their original rate. This is a biggie because not only it's up to 70% OFF upfront, but now you can get each sunset pair for as low as $4.95 by applying the BOGO code at checkout, the same as we offer through all 70+ WOW! $9.90 colored contacts.

To shop all sunset styles, visit, grab'em while supply lasts!

Remember to redeem the BOGO code as follows for maximum discount:

  • Code TL2: Buy 2 Get 2 FREE Pairs (Place 4 Pairs in Cart)
  • Code BG3: Buy 3 Get 3 FREE Pairs (Place 6 Pairs in Cart)
  • Code BG5: Buy 5 Get 5 FREE Pairs (Place 10 Pairs in Cart)

Joined as always by automatic bundle deals:

Feel free to reply this email should any concerns arise, I'll get back to you shortly.

Happy shopping!


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