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Published by Twillory on July 26th, 2022 7:36pm. 2 views.

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These premium Performance styles can help unlock new levels of confidence AND comfort.
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We make the best menswear tailored for the hustle.

EDITION 008 | Summer Styles No. 03


Become Your Best With Our Performance Collection.

Summer Styles | No. 03 - featuring Performance Button Downs, Performance Undershirts, and Performance Pants // Five Pocket

Happy Twillory Tuesdays!

Today's edition is the final installment of our Summer Styles series. Whether you clock in at the office, cafe, or beach-side cafe, these three Performance items work as hard as you do.

1️⃣ Performance Button Downs

Our best-selling professional attire is summer-friendly thanks to COOLMAX™ moisture-wicking technology.

Refresh your wardrobe with our core LEADER // Performance White, BALLER // Performance Black, or CLOSER // Performance Blue dress shirts.

Save up to 35% off when you bundle (as little as $65 each).



"These are without a doubt the best dress shirts on the market. I’m a Banker and used to wear the [?] fitting Joseph A Bank dress shirts. The tailored fit performance shirts from Twillory are stylish, classic, and are super lightweight for the Houston humidity. I’d recommend these shirts to anyone who is looking for a crisp shirt right out of the dryer and who lives in a hot climate. Excellent product."

— Ryan (age 19-29) on 7/2/22

2️⃣ Performance Undershirts

Keep cool and add an invisible layer of protection with our Performance Undershirts. Made of similar cooling tech + buttery soft performance fabric.

Grab the Tonal color and wear it underneath your LEADER // Performance White ($24 each).



"These undershirts are completely invisible under a white shirt! They’re definitely my favorites and I’ve tried 10+ companies before I found them."

— Zach E. (age 30-39) on 6/27/22

3️⃣ Performance Pants // Five Pocket

[Restocked] Complete your look with the ultimate chino feel, with a denim look. Now back in all 6 colors and available for immediate shipping. 

Pair your button downs with Khaki, Black, or Navy. Bundle two or more and get them for $89 each ($10 off per pair).



"These are my new favorite pants for work! Slim but not tight; clearly the most comfortable in my closet. Took a test drive by ordering one pair, then keep ordering more as they come into stock. Great pants for business casual or just casual!."

— James H. (age 50-59) on 7/12/22


Say Hello to the Performance Short Sleeve Button Down Polo.

Sneak Peek: Short Sleeve Button Down Polos

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It’s our passion to make and produce industry-leading men’s everyday dress apparel. Also by building a community of men that actually care about the way they look and their clothes perform. We love to discover extraordinary and useful materials and share them with the world. 

Every day we are building and strengthening the meaning of men’s ‘performance’ wear. In 2014, our group of neighborhood friends and family from Europe and South America thought what passed for men’s apparel was laughable.

By coming together and putting our heads together to raise the bar, increase the standard by which performance clothing is considered… we have built the most impressive version of men’s performance clothing.

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