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Published by Fuzz on July 30th, 2022 2:34am. 6 views.
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Not much to say here Folks. Time to cut the wire on the TV, begin neighborhood walks on cool evenings... get out, chat with your neighbors... get used to carrying your gun with you...concealed, of course, don't let anyone know you carry, (walk softly and carry a big stick). Do some stretching exercises and slowly work your body into something useable. If you have special drawbacks, imagine a tiger is loose in the house. Seriously think on it...You're alone: deal with it. If you don't have a plan, you're lunch. If you do have a plan, practice it until it's habit. Don't spend money on any of this... be true to yourself, you have the home ground. That's an advantage. Get a poker game going with your neighbors, go to the range, invest in ammo, use some of it to get good. Take my defensive pistol course ... Liberty is something you have to deserve, earn it and protect it with your life. 

Also, don't get caught up in the new monkey business... it's the same as the old monkey business . Numbers are already coming in, the deep state is losing the game, we have to understand it's just the Wizard of Oz trying to scare us again. God is as close as our breath... He's never gone like Santa, He knows what you need, don't spend much time on your knees... He already knew before you could form the words. He's in the bathroom mirror, go talk with Him, Fuzz

Keep and spend cash. Just leave enough in the bank to pay mortgage's and stuff. Remember, if stations offer a discount on gas for your phone number, address or email address, it means they're getting more for your data than you're discount is worth. Our data is how they close the deal on our sovereignty; keep that stuff to yourself. Buy and sell as much as you can in your community. MoFuzz

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