Alison + Aubrey Newsletter: WOOF! It's International Dog Day!🐢

Published by Alison + Aubrey on August 26th, 2022 8:15am. 12 views.

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This newsletter contains various deals and offers from the company Contaya. It features several images of products, a description of each product, and a button that links to the product page. There are also social media icons at the bottom of the newsletter that link to the company's Facebook and Instagram pages. The newsletter encourages the reader to shop for BOGO 40% off now and provides the company's address and contact information.

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Este boletΓ­n informativo contiene varias ofertas y promociones de la empresa Contaya. Contiene varias imΓ‘genes de productos, una descripciΓ³n de cada producto y un botΓ³n que enlaza a la pΓ‘gina del producto. TambiΓ©n hay Γ­conos de redes sociales en la parte inferior del boletΓ­n informativo que enlazan a las pΓ‘ginas de la compaΓ±Γ­a en Facebook e Instagram. El boletΓ­n informativo anima al lector a comprar BOGO con 40% de descuento ahora y proporciona la direcciΓ³n de la empresa y su informaciΓ³n de contacto.

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