Soothi Newsletter: World Letter Writing Day

Published by Soothi on September 1st, 2022 8:57pm. 9 views.

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Hello friends,

This is Krit the founder of Soothi. I just wanted to bring attention to Sept. 1st being World Letter Writing Day.

Today is a day we celebrate the tradition of letter writing with the pen to the page. A sword in the hands of those who know how to wield it.


Where would we be without paper and ink to express our thoughts, our feelings, our opinions?

How much more gray would life be without the classic novels penned by the greatest authors of all time, all of which started on the modest pen to page?

In true spirit to what we do and who we are, we opted out of fancy graphics and just wanted to connect through words only. Because we know how impactful words can be.

So today, spend some time writing in your journal. Pick up a great piece of literature. Express yourselves in the way only writing can.

If you're running out of room in your own journal we encourage you to check out our site! We would love to supply you with your next leather-bound companion!


Until next time,


Soothi Founder

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This email newsletter from Soothi, a company that sells leather-bound journals, discusses the importance of letter writing and the written word. The newsletter highlights the tradition of letter writing and the impact that words can have on individuals and society as a whole. The author encourages readers to take some time to write in their journals or pick up a great piece of literature to appreciate the beauty and power of written expression. The newsletter also promotes Soothi's leather-bound journals as a way for readers to indulge in the tradition of letter writing and express themselves creatively. Overall, the newsletter aims to inspire readers to appreciate and engage in the art of letter writing.

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Este boletín informativo por correo electrónico de Soothi, una empresa que vende diarios encuadernados en cuero, analiza la importancia de la escritura de cartas y de las palabras escritas. El boletín informativo destaca la tradición de la escritura de cartas y el impacto que las palabras pueden tener sobre las personas y la sociedad en su conjunto. El autor anima a los lectores a tomarse un tiempo para escribir en sus diarios o tomar un buen libro de literatura para apreciar la belleza y el poder de la expresión escrita. El boletín informativo también promociona los diarios encuadernados en cuero de Soothi como una forma de que los lectores disfruten de la tradición de escribir cartas y se expresen creativamente. En general, el boletín informativo pretende inspirar a los lectores a apreciar y participar del arte de escribir cartas.