Colin F Watson Newsletter: New Fat Loss Pill Helped 23 Women Release 21.3 Pounds of FAT in 8-Weeks!!!!

Published by Colin F Watson on September 8th, 2022 7:14am. 4 views.

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New Fat Loss Pill Helped 23 Women Release 21.3 Pounds of FAT in 8-Weeks!!!!

New Neutracuitical tells your brain to dump ALL unnecessary body fat...

Hey Friend,


Long read... But worth it!


I'm so freaking excited about this new fat loss nutraceutical Zenith.


Those who know me know that when I get on my megaphone about something new, it's because it will change lives in a MASSIVE way.


This new fat loss pill is proven to be more than double the efforts of diet and exercise alone in a double-blind, university-conducted clinical trial. On average, all subjects in the clinical trial released over 21.3 pounds of pure body fat in 8-weeks.


Do I have your attention?


Let's keep this conversation real. We know HCG works, and yet not all of you have been able to reach or maintain your ideal weight using this fantastic protocol. 


So here are the MILLION DOLLAR questions...


1. What if I told you I have exclusive access to a new fat loss product that can help you reach your desired weight without following a strict diet or exercise program?


2. What if I said it would help fix the root cause of your metabolic and fat loss problems?


3. What if you could use it with or without HCG and potentially release 10 to 12 additional pounds per month like clockwork? 


4. What if I told you if you choose the share this fantastic product with other people, you could potentially earn a substantial income?


Would you be inclined to help them like I'm about to help you?


Several hundred of you have already pre-ordered the Zenith product. I know the rest of you are excited to be one of the first people to have your order processed and shipped.


So here is the process to get started.


When you go to the enrollment page to order your Zenith 4-pack, you'll be asked to provide your social security number because you are also positioned to earn commissions once becoming a member.


For some of you, this may make you feel uncomfortable, especially if you have no intention of sharing it with others.


Hey, I get it…


So this is what I suggest you do.


Go to the registration page here =>


In the section that asks for your SS#, put in whatever numbers you choose "hint hint" this way, you'll be able to complete the order process and receive the special members discounted price.


Your choices today are…


Member - OPTION 1. 

Pay the annual enrollment fee of $50.00

Two Pack Special price of $260 = ($130 per bottle) If you choose to continue, Subscribe and Save is $135 per bottle.




Member- OPTION 2.

Pay the annual enrollment fee of $50.00

Four Pack Special Price $500 = ($125 per bottle) If you choose to continue, Subscribe and Save $135 per bottle.






Customer Only - OPTION 1.


Two bottle packs cost $320 ($160 per bottle); every bottle after will cost $160.



Customer Only - OPTION 1.

Two bottle pack on Subscribe and Save $300 ($150 per bottle); every bottle after will cost $150.



As you can see, by becoming a member today, you're saving $25 per bottle for the life of your membership, and you do not risk the possibility of Zenith selling out in October. Please note: All customer orders will ship after founders and members packs.


If you have any questions or need assistance completing your order, please do not hesitate to reach out. 424-400-1212




Colin and Jayne

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