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Published by Olivia S. from DIFF on September 19th, 2022 6:09pm. 2 views.

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It's A Markdown Monday Event!
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Hi Bestie,

Monday is actually my new favorite day this week. And that's because I'm scoring some AMAZING deals on my fave DIFF sunnies!

Now til midnight, use code EXTRA15 to save an EXTRA 15% off 66 styles that are already marked down 25%! That's a lot of savings, PLUS you can shop BOGO free. How cool is that? I know I'll be picking up a pair of sleek Becky IIs in Lotus Tortoise, some effortlessly cool Champagne + Coral Mirror Kokos, and some reduced glare Gold +G15 Knox shades.

Snag yourself a pair of sunnies at an extra 15% off with code EXTRA15 But hurry - this deal only lasts until midnight!

Happy Shopping!

❀️ Olivia S.


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