Gabby Newsletter: A note from our founder

Published by Gabby on October 7th, 2019 7:43pm. 30 views.

A note from our founder

This weekend Ollie turned three. That’s about 28 years old in dog years. Some days we feel wise and some days we feel like we’re just getting started, but one thing that is for certain: we’re nothing without our pack. 

Since founding Ollie in 2016 (and feeding nearly 100,000 pups!), I've learned to be all ears — listening to pup parents like you to better understand what they need to feed their dogs with confidence. Whether it meant fine-tuning our recipes to accommodate picky pup palates or redesigning our packaging for easier portioning and better storage, the Ollie team has spent the past three years working (and thinking) like dogs to improve our food and the overall Ollie experience. 

Our mission to feed dogs healthily and thoughtfully extends beyond those who’ve found their forever homes. We’ve partnered with 70 animal shelters across the United States and Puerto Rico to donate over 83,542 meals of our fresh food to dogs awaiting adoption. 

In honor of this personal milestone, I would love to offer you a special $30 off your first three boxes of Ollie. It’s pup parents like you that will help us continue our mission and meet our next milestone. 


Thank you and keep it real, 


Gabby Slome


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Ollie Pets Inc., 48 W 21st St., Floor 4, New York, NY 10010 | 844-88-OLLIE

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