HOLISTIK Wellness LLC Newsletter: Big News! Now Available in Vitamin Shoppe 🎉

Published by HOLISTIK Wellness LLC on April 20th, 2023 10:10am. 13 views.

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Plus See Our New focus STIK! |
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HOLISTIK Wellness™
Big News!
HOLISTIK sleep, stress, and the NEW focus STIKs are available today at 620 Vitamin Shoppe locations nationwide.
We couldn’t ask for a better partner to support our mission to take the confusion out of CBD and offer convenient, portable, and effective solutions for your everyday life.
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Introducing the focus STIK
Meet your new go-to for uplifting, focused energy. Regain clarity with 10mg of our CBD Wellness blend + natural lion’s mane and green coffee.
Now available in Vitamin Shoppe stores only.
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