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Published by Back Beat Rags on March 8th, 2019 9:41am. 112 views.

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Throwing the women of the world some love..........


Photo by Brittney Christie

Being a woman is something that we celebrate a lot here at Back Beat Rags, and gender equality in all aspects of life and work is something that is at the core of our brand values. We may be breaking glass ceilings but we still have many walls to break down. 

So for this year's International Women's Day, we asked everyone at the studio about the ladies who inspire them and women led organizations that are fighting the good fight.

(Also a chance for us to show you who the behind the scenes people of the brand are)

Read on! 

Isadora's (Founder) Picks

Badass Babe - Peggy Oki

If you're familiar with the history of skateboarding in Venice then you're familiar with the Z-boys and Peggy Oki. Peggy is super rad because she was the only girl in the Z-boys Skate team during the 70's, when there weren't even many girls skating, let alone be a part of a skate team. She is for me the embodiment of the Cali surf and skate culture- grew up in Venice, rolled with the boys when it wasn't the norm, and surfed and skated the whole day. She also went on to study marine biology and is currently a huge proponent for cetacean rights through her Origami Whales Project, which raises awareness about commercial whaling in Japan, Norway and Iceland. I want to be her when I grow up! Check out Peggy Oki's work HERE.

Organization - Grlswirl

Currently so stoked about Grlswirl
Love this all girls skate group who's mission is to empower ladies through skating and to create a safe, fun environment for women who skate (or want to learn!) They also have a philanthropic arm and recently have done a skate clinic and supplies drive for kids at the border, they are also always raising funds for various charities, and do community events in Venice like ocean clean-ups!
I've joined their group skate (every other Tuesday in Venice Beach) and I can personally vouch for how fun and how friendly everyone is. This coming Tuesday they are holding a fundraiser at their next group skate for Miriam House LA, a sober living house that provides women and their families a safe space to get them back on their feet. We are donating a $100 dollar gift card at the event so you guys should come! Check out event HERE.


Peggy Oki

Elizabeth's (Studio Manager) Picks

Badass Babe - Patty Rodriguez 
Patty Rodriguez is a 1st generation Mexican-American and the Senior producer of On Air with Ryan Seacrest. She is the founder of the jewelry line MALA by Patti Rodriguez and co-founder of Lil' Libros, a bi-lingual children's publishing company.
She also single-handedly led the campaign that convinced MAC Cosmetics to launch a Selena Quintanilla collection with great success. Check out MALA by Patty Rodriguez HERE.
Organization - Backstage Capital
This venture capital fund was founded by Arlan Hamilton, a black queer woman who so far, has invested in 100 companies, led by women, people of color and LGBTQ founders from all over the country.
R&B artist Kehlani is among the many that Backstage Capital has invested in. Check out Backstage Capital HERE.

Arlan Hamilton

Jane's (Email Marketing) Picks

PS- Jane is also in a band called Finkel and they are about to go on tour next week!

Badass Babe - Daiana Ruiz

Daiana's work embodies what is it be a powerful woman.  The Argentinian badass illustrates commanding women of different backgrounds, in the the nth degree of their glamour. She celebrates women, body positivity, and diversity.  On top of everything, her color palette never fails to hit every mark, she transports me to a world of vogue I never want to leave, and want to own every piece of clothing and jewelry her babes don...i.e., what's not to adore?

“I try to speak my point of view and fill the world with strong women, like the ones I love to hang out with.” - Daiana.

Organization - Movemeant Foundation

Healthy, active and nutritious living is important for every living thing, being thin is not. 

This company promotes changing the way we view and talk about women's bodies, and its necessity for our equality.  Movement is committed to making fitness accessible, fun and empowering while shifting the conversation from weight loss and typical beauty ideals to that of body positivity and supporting one another. Check out Movemeant Foundation HERE.

Original piece by Daiana Ruiz


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