ELEGOO Official Newsletter: ELEGOO New Product Pre-Order Starts Now!

Published by ELEGOO Official on June 1st, 2023 1:51pm. 5 views.

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ELEGOO New Products Pre-Order Starts Now! 
Seize the opportunity to enhance your 3D printing capabilities with these new printers!

To celebrate the launch of these new printers, we are offering a special promotion for a limited time.
Buy ELEGOO new products, and have a chance to get free slicer software! 

Period: from June 1st, 7am to June 8th, 7am(PDT)
Over 510 prizes up for grabs!
PRIZE1 30 x 1-Year Free License
PRIZE2 30 x 180-Day Free License 
PRIZE3 300 x 90-Day Free License
PRIZE 4 150 x Exclusive Coupons for a 1-Year license

Saturn 3 Series
Saturn 3 Ultra 12K
Saturn 3 12K
Neptune 4 Series
Neptune 4 Pro
Neptune 4
Mars 4 Series
Mars 4 Ultra 9K
Mars 4 9K
Mars Mate & Phecda
Mars Mate Air Purifier
Phecda Laser Engraver & Cutter