Tai Lopez Newsletter: New Training - 39 Decision Frameworks To Be Ethically Persuasive

Published by Tai Lopez on June 16th, 2023 3:45pm. 38 views.

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Arguably the greatest skill you could possess is making calculated, logical decisions for your business.

As Jeff Bezos said, "As a senior executive, you get paid to make a small amount of high quality decisions."

You will sink or rise based on your ability to make highly logical decisions.

That's why I made this free training on how to become more influential and grow your income by ethically persuading others.

Scientists identified 25 ways that humans make decisions, they call them the "25 cognitive biases".

Over the years I've studied decision making and realized that there are more than 25 cognitive biases.

In fact, I found 39 decision making frameworks that humans are usually unaware of, and people like Elon Musk, Donald Trump, and The Kardashians use to grow their businesses.

These 39 frameworks tap into the way the human brain evolved to make decisions.

For the first time, I'm sharing these frameworks publicly to help you hack your brain into making scientific, and calculated logical decisions, as well as ethically persuade others.

I'm calling this system The 39 Decisions.

In the system I'll show you how big companies like Apple use these decisions to get people to buy their newest product.

They use one of the 39 Decisions called "Novelty Bias". I dive into a deep explanation of this framework, and the rest of the 39 Decisions in the system.

Watch the free 39 Decisions training and learn how to become more influential and grow your income by ethically persuading others.

Stay strong,

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