Volcanica Coffee Newsletter: Aloha! Kona Coffee is back...

Published by Volcanica Coffee on November 6th, 2019 11:27am. 70 views.

Aloha! Kona Coffee is back...


The 2019 harvest has arrived after being out of stock for the past 6 months. Our state-certified Hawaiian Kona Coffee is the finest available from hillside of the Mauna Loa mountains in Hawaii.

This year we are able to offer Extra Fancy which is the largest bean size available, size 18. These beans are the highest-grade exported from Hawaii. We are also offering Kona Peaberry, a rare bean from the crop that makes up 5% of the plant. Peaberry coffee has a brighter sweetness to it. These two Kona coffees are 100% pure. Hurry, this coffee is in limited supply and will not last long. 

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100% Kona Extra Fancy

This award-winning coffee starts with mature coffee trees producing succulent red cherries that are ALL hand-picked, washed and sun dried.  These are the largest beans and the most premium in the crop.

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100% Kona Peaberry 

The champagne of Kona coffee. This is Peaberry Kona Coffee with a flavor that can be described as smooth, nutty and luscious with an intense aroma. Previously rated as a Top 10 Coffee by Food and Wine Magazine.

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