Tru Niagen Team Newsletter: Remember: Stay Calm. Holiday Party On.

Published by Tru Niagen Team on November 7th, 2019 1:01pm. 49 views.

Remember: Stay Calm. Holiday Party On.

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Holiday Stress, Being Aware and Taking Care—Part One

The Holiday season is upon us. As much as we love this time of year, it doesn’t always love us back. On top of demands from work and family, our diet and exercise regimens get thrown off, we don’t get enough sleep and expectation levels are at an all-time high. The first step to handling stress is being aware. The second is being proactive.

Watch what you eat, stay active, go to bed.

Holiday sweets and big meals are tempting. If you need to indulge, have one cookie instead of two. Have the raw veggie appetizer instead of chips and dip. After you eat, go for a walk. Instead of watching the game, get yourself on the court or the field. And if you have to say “yes” to every party, go home at a decent hour and get some sleep.

Help your cells handle metabolic stress.

The molecule NAD is vital in producing energy your body needs to sustain all its functions, from breathing and circulating blood to growing and repairing cells. TRU NIAGEN® is proven to safely increase NAD levels, helping your cells remain energized and resilient in the face of everyday metabolic stresses.


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Holiday Stress, Being Aware and Taking Care—Part Two

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