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HPFY Giving Day #33
November  8, - The Georgia Parenting Project
A letter from our CEO and Co-Founder

This is a special Giving Day for us - a customer of ours found our giving day page and reached out to us. Her story touched our hearts and we are happy to dedicate our November giving day to her cause.


According to the CDC in 2017, one hundred and ninety four thousand babies were born to women aged 15–19 years. Less favorable socioeconomic conditions, such as low education and low income levels, teens in child welfare system and young women living in foster care statistically are more likely to get pregnant at an early age.


The Georgia Parenting Project is a 501(3)C based in Eatonton, Georgia. While the non profit was setup in 2018, its founder K. Georgette Craig, a teacher for 32 years, has been helping her student communities for a long time. The organization’s goal is to connect parents in need of support with local community resources in an attempt to help aid, educate and support.


They talk about how there are so many books on parenting, but without the tool and supplies, how can these young mothers succeed. In the past year they noticed that their young mothers were having to make critical decisions on whether to buy food or diapers. Parenting at a young age is overwhelming as it is, then having to make such hard decisions is heart breaking.


We salute the work that they do in bringing hope to these young mothers and their children.


Please join us as we support The Georgia Parenting Project for our Giving Day on Nov 8th. Let us help provide parenting tools and supplies for these young mothers. Shop more to Give more.


Thank you for being our customer and believing in us.

Naheed Quaisar
Co-Founder and CEO

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The Georgia Parenting Project

The Georgia Parenting Project was built by a teacher after 32 years of classroom support to her community of families. Collecting personal care items, clothing and furniture, and personal visits to the homes of families created a desire to reach as many parents as possible struggling with income challenges and providing supplies to their young children.

The Georgia Parenting Project

There are many books written on how to parent. However, without the tools and supplies little hope is available for those who haven’t the means to make the purchases. Members of each community are asked to help provide parenting backpacks full of school or medical supplies, food and clothing items, books and any related items needed to help relieve some of the stresses a parent may be experiencing.

Ann’s Place is not funded by insurance, state or federal programs. We are very thankful to the generosity of our partners, donors, grant funders, and sponsors, all of whom allow us to provide these critical services to individuals and their families.

The Georgia Parenting Project

The goal of The Georgia Parenting Project is to connect parents in need of support with local community resources in an attempt to help aid, educate and support. It takes giving, from the hearts of others, to form a partnership in parenting. The organization thrives on parents who ‘pay it forward’ to other parents in need. Building a support system for parents, both young and senior, within communities where the poverty levels are as high as 46% and in a state being ranked 42nd, is vital to the preservation of families.

Wellness Programs

There are two main sources of support for income challenged families-food and diapers, With the food stamp program in place for the majority of families, this leaves an expensive void-a need that expands for almost six years. The Georgia Parenting Project tries to fill this gap by partnering with organizations to help provide the resources the parents need so they can focus their finances on the payment of utility and rent. The organization has seen too many families elect to have their power disconnected due to needing personal care supplies. Our senior, income challenged parents, suffer needing incontinence supplies in which Medicare and Medicaid do not cover.

Parenting spans decades-young students still in school to grandparents raising their grand children. Diapering also mirrors this age-span. Relieving the stress of this on-going need is one of The Georgia Parenting Project’s missions.

Wellness staff

Georgia Parenting Project and The Mustard Seed partner to support local families

Savannah MacDonald, a student at Putnam County Charter School System and Georgetter Craig, of The Georgia Parenting Project Inc., are pictured with school supplies and words of encouragement for students returning to school. The Grorgla Parenting Project and The Mustard Seed partnered to offer support for families in the eatonton area. The georgia parenting project, Inc is a local 501c3 non profit organization that not only assists families with parenting skills and supplies but has also developed a hunting to help program to provide meat to families in need. The organization is always in need of financial support and the generosity of community donors. If you would like to be a supporting partner. Donations can be made through the facebook page.

Help us spread the word

Help us spread the word about The Georgia Parenting Project and the incredibly important work they do! Use the links on the right side of this page to share their information on Social Media. We are donating 5% of our sales for the day or $2,000 (whichever is the greater amount) to this very worth cause. The more you shop the more we give! As always, if you have a suggestion for a charity you would like us to include in our Giving Day program please use the link below and let us know.


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