Blue Thunder Technologies Newsletter: Sterile Purified Water with 2 Year Shelf Life

Published by Blue Thunder Technologies on November 8th, 2023 8:30am. 5 views.

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Sterile Purified Water with 2 Year Shelf Life

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2 Year Shelf Life!

AquaPur ST Sterile Purified Water for Sterile Disinfectants


AquaPurâ„¢ ST is sterile purified water that meets USP specifications, made for use in dilution of sterile disinfectants, manufacturing, general laboratory and cleanroom applications. Featuring a 2 year shelf life, AquaPur ST sterile Purified Water is made in a validated system incorporating deionization, reverse osmosis, UV treatment, and ultrafiltration then gamma-irradiated and tested to a sterility assurance limit (SAL) of 1×10 -6.  Meets WFI specs for endotoxin limit (<0.25 EU/mL).  Each case is shipped with a traceable Lot Specific Document.

Decon Labs

Vendor Spotlight: Decon Labs

For more than four decades Decon Labs, Inc. has been the leader in high-performance cleaning and disinfection in the scientific, laboratory, and process area markets.  They offer a comprehensive line of alcohol solutions, ethanol, detergents and cleaners for various cleanroom and contamination control applications.

Sterile Alcohol + Disinfectants
IPA & Denatured Ethanol Solutions
Ethanol, Pure + Denatured
Sterile and Non-Sterile Water
Detergents & Cleaners
Molecular Biology / Cell Culture
Wipes, Skin Care, Odor Control Products + More

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