xTool Newsletter: Wakeup Monday | Small but Mighty XCS Shortcuts You Might Missed!

Published by xTool on December 11th, 2023 10:00am. 5 views.

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**Summary of XCS Newsletter Email**

This email newsletter from XCS, a manufacturer of laser cutting and engraving machines, focuses on enhancing the user experience through mini-lessons and tips.

The newsletter includes:

* **Alignment, Tile Design, and Multi-Layer Techniques:** A guide to ensuring equal distance between design elements, creating tile patterns, and working with layers in XCS software.
* **Essential Shortcut Keys:** A list of time-saving keyboard shortcuts for rapid editing.
* **Creating Tile Patterns Easily:** A step-by-step guide for creating tile patterns using the "Array" function in XCS.
* **Exploring Hidden Gems in XCS:** Links to tutorials on material and mode parameters, as well as a guide to selecting the appropriate mode for a project.

In Spanish:

**Resumen del boletín por correo electrónico de XCS**

Este boletín por correo electrónico de XCS, un fabricante de máquinas de corte y grabado láser, se centra en mejorar la experiencia del usuario mediante minilecciones y consejos.

El boletín incluye:

* **Técnicas de alineación, diseño de teselas y capas múltiples:** una guía para garantizar una distancia uniforme entre los elementos de diseño, crear patrones de teselas y trabajar con capas en el software XCS.
* **Teclas de acceso directo esenciales:** una lista de atajos de teclado que ahorran tiempo para una edición rápida.
* **Crear patrones de teselas fácilmente:** una guía paso a paso para crear patrones de teselas mediante la función "Matriz" en XCS.
* **Descubrir gemas ocultas en XCS:** enlaces a tutoriales sobre parámetros de modo y material, así como una guía para seleccionar el modo adecuado para un proyecto.


Mini-lessons on alignment, tile design, and multi-layers in XCS
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Mini-lessons on alignment, tile design, and multi-layers in XCS
Mini-lessons on alignment, tile design, and multi-layers in XCS

This week, we're excited to share a treasure trove of shortcuts and mouse operations that will streamline your workflow. Let's dive in!

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Ensure Design Elements at Equal Distance

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Layer Hacks

  • Rename Layers: Double-click the Layer
  • Change Processing Path: Drag Layer (Rember to switch to "Process by Layer" mode)
Set Your Own Processing Path →

Essential Shortcut Keys for Rapid Editing

  • Perfect Shape in a Snap

  • Nudge Elements Precisely

View Full List of Shortcuts →

Create Tile Patterns Easily

  • Go to Shape → Insert Pattern → 'Array' → 'Grid Array'
  • Bonus Tip: Right-click to export your pattern as an SVG file!

Explore More Hidden Gems in XCS

Learn how to set and test parameters for varied materials and modes.

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Learn how to choose the right mode for your project, with handy tips and guidelines.