Tai Lopez Newsletter: Publius, Gian generated over $523,789 additional revenue in 60 days as my private client. Not for beginners

Published by Tai Lopez on December 13th, 2023 4:52pm. 15 views.

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This email pitch invites people who already earn at least $1 million annually to apply to receive private mentorship to help them grow their businesses and income. The email claims that businesses can scale beyond $50 million in revenue by implementing 40 specific strategies, including structuring their companies correctly, leveraging marketing channels, and establishing repeatable processes for innovation. The sender emphasizes his success in mentoring high-profile clients and offers confidentiality for those who wish to remain anonymous.

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Esta propuesta de correo electrónico invita a las personas que ya ganan al menos $1 millón anualmente a que soliciten tutoría privada para que les ayude a aumentar sus negocios e ingresos. El correo electrónico afirma que las empresas pueden aumentar sus ingresos a más de $50 millones mediante la implementación de 40 estrategias específicas, incluyendo la estructuración correcta de sus empresas, el aprovechamiento de canales de marketing y el establecimiento de procesos repetibles para la innovación. El remitente subraya su éxito en la tutoría de clientes destacados y ofrece confidencialidad a aquellos que deseen permanecer anónimos.

Hey Publius,

If you're already generating $1 million a year, or more, pay attention.

With one introduction and a little coaching, Gian, one of my private clients added over $523,789 in extra revenue to his business.

This happened in 60 days. Gian was telling me about it at the gym.

If you want me to help you grow your business and your income click here to apply for my private mentorship.

Scaling beyond $50 million a year, without losing your mind, takes 40 things.

It's like chess... on average it takes 40 moves to checkmate.

If you're already generating at least $1 million a year, let's talk about how to scale beyond $50 million.

You have to:

  • Make sure to structure your company right.

  • Get all 9 levers of marketing working correctly.

  • Build out the 14 divisions of business.

  • Get your business to follow the TRADE formula. Get this right and your business will last for decades to come, not years.

  • Have a repeatable process to run experiments in your business, to find new opportunities that can grow your business like crazy. Match.com did this to create Tinder.

Look Publius, probably more than half of the big names in social media today were in my DM's years before they got famous.

There are clients of mine who you'll recognize instantly.

Why don't I name drop them?

Because I also have a confidentiality clause, if you need to remain anonymous while I coach you.

You choose whether I can say that you've been mentored by me or not.

If you're ready for me to help you scale your business, use this link to apply.

Stay strong,

Tai Lopez

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