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Published by Bitsbox on December 14th, 2023 7:03pm. 5 views.

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Bitsbox published the steps for kids to explore holiday coding using the Bitsbox app, which includes using code for creating custom holiday cards.

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Bitsbox publicó los pasos para que los niños exploren la codificación en las fiestas utilizando la aplicación de Bitsbox, que incluye el uso de código para crear tarjetas personalizadas para las fiestas.

Explore Coding Weekly: Holiday Card


Just in time for holiday greetings...

Let's get creative. Explore how your kiddos can create their own digital holiday card with lots of snow and a friendly Bitsbox Yak.

To start, download our free Yak Attack! app instructions and customize it with the tips below.

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Step-by-step lines of code:

Start a new app in the free coding environment and type each line of code. Notice that line two can be updated with another furry animal stamp. For example, if your kiddos prefer a beagle, change 'yak2' to 'beagle' in line two.

Add a custom holiday message:

After typing each line of code, go back to line nine to customize your greeting. Replace 'HAPPY WINTER!' with any message you'd like. Tip: Don't forget to keep your greeting inside the single quotes, or your code will throw an error.

Sign your greeting card:

On line 11, kiddos can add their own names to sign the greeting card. Try it out. Simply update the text inside the single quotes.


Play the finished app today!

Watch the snow fall on our furry Bitsbox Yak. Play it now »

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